• Tablet case with patented tablet lifting mechanism
  • Raise tablet height close to eye level for ergonomics viewing posture
  • Reduce head & neck bending angles; reduce muscular strain & pain
  • Anti slip stopper prevent falling from raised position
  • Convert to low angle for drawing and typing
  • Convert to stand level for gaming
  • Convert to lift level for video chatting, video watching etc
  • Available in black and grey 




Model :

040S- IPP10.5              : For Ipad Pro 10.5”
040S- IPD9.7                : For Ipad 9.7”
040S- IPA2/IPP9.7       : For Ipad Air 2 and Ipad Pro 9.7”
040S- IPM4                   : For Ipad Mini 4
040S- IPM1/2/3             : For Ipad Mini 1/2/3






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